Sunday, 22 December 2013

~My Ex-Classmate 2012-2013~

Assalamualaikum.. i haven't post anything since 3days ago.. im sorry for a little late update..hehe.. so today, as i wish.. i want to throwback our memories with my super beautiful and handsome classmates.. well i miss them so much .. huhu.. hope one day we will meet again.. so okay lets us start.. 

Look at the picture above.. we are very close each other.. i miss this moment.. 
Taken by : I don't know at Semester I and this is our first time facing the new exam of new STPM with 3semester.. 

hahaha.. this is the very crazy moments ever,,why? online facebook at class while other groups make presentation infront.. 

Huh.. tidak lama lagi cuti sekolah berakhir.. but then im happy because now and after this when i come back to school i mean the new highschool i don't have to wear uniform school again.. i hate school uniform.. haha.. why? well its make me to get mad and bad mud..haha.. sudah 13tahun berturut2 fatin pakai baju sekolah..hahaaaiiii.. kalau dah masuk universiti nanti boleh pakai baju bebas i mean baju yang sopan lorhh..hehe.. feeling excited dengan kehidupan baru seorang Mahasiswi nanti..waiting until bulan 5 next year..hehe..

this is my classmates.. this picture was taken while we are practice for MUET DRAMA.. and this is my member group.. our drama tittle is " THE SOUND OF BROKEN PLATE " hehe and im the princess as OMEGA and the prince is ALPHA the boys at my right who was skinny and korean style.. hehe.. i miss that moment.. its remind me for our naughtiness along 2012-2013.. many sweet memories ..

okey peeps.. im done for introducing my classmates and i think not bad right? not interesting as much..haha.. im sorry but kindly i will post again about my classmate in session two.. waiting and keep in touch.. Assalamualaikum.. 

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