Tuesday, 30 December 2014

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Assalamualaikumm.. hye stalker(s).. miss me? hoho.. sorry im quiet busy just now.. i had no time to open my lappy because i have something important to do.. about my future.. hehe.. well final year,final exam too.. im stress actually,that is why im create something new here 'bout my latest post..about what? ahaha.. just continue reading.. you're FAITHFUL STALKER if you read my post.. hehe.. joking k? i had no idea actually..

emm you want to know my story? it's all about my exam.. maigadd..during our study week,well firstly im very hardworking but after that im feel lazy because of the game influence.. what the hell is it? arghh.. i can't even had a time to cover all the chapters.. im oversleep everyday.. yesterday is my exam for our first paper Human Geography.. tommorow is our second paper Principal of The Method and Philosophy of History.. i really hate HISTORY.. it's such a "borink SUBJECT" for me..

urghhh.. i never imagined that i will be here to continue my studies as Edu Student's.. in my childhood,i always told my friend that i want to be a Mathematics Teacher but now well just accept the truth that i will be a History and Geography teacher and FYI im will teaching secondary school student.. okey? SECONDARY SCHOOL.. hmm.. im smaller,shorter and maybe after i graduated from here,people will expect me like im still form1..i hate it,i hate it and really hate it so muchhhh!! hahaha.. not suitable to be a teacher's.. hmmm.. it's my "REWARD" from Allah S.W.T actually.. di atas segala usaha yg sudah sy lakukan dengan bersungguh-sungguh.. Alhamdulilah.. my dream will come true soon.. Insha Allah..just forget what people want to say at the back,just believe in our self.. we can do it.. yeahh.. we can do it.. hehe.. 

emm.. malas lah mau study.. it's mendung-mendung outside there.. haha.. mendung-medung? emm my blog.. it's up to me what i want to create.. even mix with malay.. haha.. steady bah.. sporting2 yahh.. 

Exam...Exam...Exammm.. nah examm.. lagi exam.. 

emm what else? hurry up.. i have tu leave in 30 minute from now.. wanna go to study.. im worried about tommorow paper,.no preparation yet.. but i still here typing my post,i still can play.. haha.. student's life.. *sigh *sigh again.. ish2.. cam na la mau berjaya begini kalau kuat main.. asyik2 online.. asyik2 online..

p/s : Mau tau kah wifi kami di setiap blok tiada fungsi.. sebab tetap nda boleh connect p bilik and when you tried to connect it,LIMITED!! ohohoho

tommorow is last day for this month,last day for this year and gudbye 2014.. HAJAT? i don't think 'bout it .. nanti lah fikir-fikir dulu.. tapi tetap sama bah.. berhajat pun tetap akan sama macam tahun2 sebelumnya.. hakikat.. but maybe some will have better life every year.. me? just forget it.. i always regrets my LOVE every year.. wishing for my relationship with "MR.S"? forget.. it almost 3 years we have been together,..but what i get is HURT.. hurt that really PAIN.. i just want to wish that hope 2015 can give 1001 meaning of mylife.. especially my experience here,within 4years.. time flies so fast.. next year will up to sem II.. but sure,i wish im taller tak kisah lah yg penting naik 4cm haha.. angan2 yang tak pasti akan termakbul.. hope im fat.. bukan fat sangat.. yang sedang2 seja.. hoho..

emm. ok lah sekian sahaja coretan dari saya.. menarik tak menarik just ignore my post and move to other(s) blog.. k? just follow mine if you want to follow my updates.. hihihuhuhoho..

Assalamualaikum.. wish me gud luck for tommorow 31/12/2014 (wednesday)

Monday, 1 December 2014

Have a nice December~

Assalamualaikum. .huhaii. .im back. .see?  new update bah. .hehe. .well. .say hai to December. .have a nice month. .overall,we are at the end of the year. .so many santa clause are waiting outside with a big and full beg of gift. .merry xmass for those who are celebrating this festivals. .Mr.Snowyy will come within 24days left. .hoho. .but,huhu. .no snow here. .haha. .never mind. .salji buatan kan ado. .tapi sanaaaaa lah d kehel. .jgn maree ..so,last but not least. .hehe. .i have so many probs here . .regarding my studies,exam. .oh no. .why? why always last minute? how can i manage mw time wisely for this final exam? i can't. .i always waste my time for doing bad things that did not give me any benifit such as over sleep,whatsapp,online,calling. .i have no time to open the books and concentrate it. .im over played. .im over think for any thing that i shouldn't think. .ohh noo. .someone please help me,help me to realize that i should change .this is not secondary school any more yet i can still wasting my time. .but this is Universiti. .i don't want to wasting my time anymore. .why? im sad. .im gettin jealous for those who are very struggle for their studies. .they just spent their time just a few hours to rest and spent their whole time to revise and recaps all the topic. .ohh myyy. .im afraid if i cant score for this final exam Sem 1. .hopefully,im change . . no more playing after this. .ok thats all for this morning. .im study before our second class start. .wish mw luck. .so that i will achive my dream..dreams willcome true if we all struggle for what we want. .

ohh my grammar. .sorry. .im just practice to write all in english here. .prove me if im wrong. .sorry. .readers n stalkers. .bye. .

Saturday, 22 November 2014


Assalamualaikum? helo? gud evening? . .huhu. .feeling sorry after the last post i wrote last month and until now im quiet without any announcement. .tapi perlu kah ada announcement bagai? haha. .peduli lah. .this is mw blog so who cares. .hihi. .hmm. .it's the ending of the the year. .just a month left and gud bye 2014. .welcome to 2015. and this mean that it's been 3 months i've been here. .time flies so fast. .final exam for sem I is around the corner. .no preparation yet. .busy with our last minute assignment. .so annoying. .that's why i don't like to have a group assignment and i'd rather do it individualities. .but? the rules makes me to accept the truth that i must do it all in a group. .it's no matter if there is a co-operate with others member group. .tapi ni langsung teda kerjasama. .last2 esok present hari ni start buat keja. .i always get mad. .stress and i feel down to face it all. .i don't know why. .every time i have to go to the downstairs to met my member group but the result is still same . .the assignment just like it way. .blank,blur,no tittle,no content. .arghhh. .i want to shout out loudly as i can . .but i know i can't do like it. .it is not the best idea .no matter how hard it is,i will still trying my best. .

i hope,i will score for this first final exam. .i know i can do it. . trust your self Fatin. .i need to achieve my target. .i must achieve it even if it so difficult to me. .

i still remember the words that the Judge saying during the programme about Law. . we must be responsible in every single way we do even your words. .

if you were child,you are forgiven. .but if you are adults,you have a responsibilities by what you do. .this is true. . ♥♥


Saturday, 13 September 2014

I MISS HOME............

Assalamualaikum, dear reader(s)..

it's been long since my last update..i am too much busy and busy.. well, im already here (UMS).. Universiti Malaysia Sabah.. selepas ikrar pelajar, akhirnya saya benar2 sah dan diiktiraf sebagai warga UMS.. gembira sangat.. betul lah kata pepatah.. usaha tangga kejayaan.. tidak sia2 usaha saya masuk tingkatan 6.. orang selalu pandang rendah terhadap student form6.. tapi saya berjaya buktikan bahawa student form 6 tak calang2 orangnya.. betul tidak? but,it's depends on your destiny lah.. if rajin usaha, Allah akan bantu kita..

So, hehe.. arghhhhh.. stressnya sini.. tapi debaek!!!!!!! why i say so? hehe.. sebab di universiti lah kita betul2 rasa kehidupan sebagai pelajar dan orang bujang.. mean jauh dari keluarga so kena berdikari lah.. alhamdulilah.. segalanya dah semakin okey.. mula2 masuk sini memang sedih sangat.. takut tak dapat kawan yang baik.. tapi akhirnya, saya dpt ramai kawan yang baik2 belaka di sini.. ada dari semenanjung,sandakan,tawau..so bestt.. masih rindu family :'( tapi demi untuk memperbaiki taraf kehidupan kami, saya tabah menghadapi dugaan d sini.. walau pun saya tak kuat sebenarnya.. haha.. sebab no feeling maybe..

hmm.. banyak yang saya nak cerita sebenarnya tapi tangan malas menaip.. so next time lah aa saya ceritakan tentang suasana di ums .. just sharing je cerita pendek malam ni.. nothing to do katakan.. semuanya mengarut.. hahahahahaha..

nunite dear fellas.. stalker.. next time stalk lagi ye.. tataaaa..

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Interview Temuduga Interview Temuduga ^^'

Assalamualaikum.. hai? hello? selamat tengah hari??? hohoho.. manyaknya soalan.. hehe.. okey2.. sorry.. back to the topic.. kenapa fatin post tentang interview ni? suddenly.. well,well.. actually Fatin dan rakan2 seperjuangan yang lain tak kira lah dari negeri mana tapi kami lepasan STPM 2013.. dipanggil untuk ke temuduga bagi program pendidikan.. bukan semua tapi kebanyakkan dpd lepasan STPM 2013 dapat interview Pedidikan tapi berbeza jurusan.. yang tak dapat tu jangan risau.. kita tunggu bulan ogos ni.. rezeki kita tak tau.. belum tentu yang dapat interview ni berjaya untuk melanjutkan pelajaran ke Universiti yang dipohon.. so jangan kita terlalu riak ya kawan2.. 

Hermm.. siapa di sini yang dah buat persediaan? angkat tangan.. Fatin ucapkan syabas dan tahniah atas komitmen rakan2 yang dah buat persedian yang mencukupi untuk interview nanti.. Fatin actually belum buat persediaan lagi.. malunya* hehe

So, di sini Fatin nak share kat rakan2 semua tentang tips2 temuduga ya.. ni bukan link fatin.. Fatin skodeng je link2 orang yang dah berpengalaman pergi interview ni.. hoho.. Alhamdulilah bermanfaat untuk kita semua.. 

p/s : Kawan2.. sorry kalau maklumat tak mencukupi.. boleh tinggalkan komen ya kalau nak minta tips yang banyak.. selagi Fatin masih rajin hoho.. 

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year

 Assalamualaikum reader(s).. selamat pagi..
wahh new year must have a new life.. isn't it? 01 January 2014.. 

Welcome to 2014 and good bye 2013.. Dah pasang azam baru? hehe.. fatin dah pasang azam baru tau.. 
semoga tahun 2014 ni, memberikan sejuta makna buat fatin sebab tahun ni fatin akan dapat result STPM yg mana akan menentukan masa depan fatin selepas ni.. doakan fatin dapat result terbaik dan dapat sambung Degree.. itu ja yang fatin harapkan tahun ni.. hehe.. 

Untuk hubungan dengan hubby tahun ni dah nak masuk tahun ke-3 kami bersama.. semoga tahun ni akan menjadikan hubungan kami lebih bermakna.. I love you hubby.. 

Buat budak2 sekolah yang esoknya akan pergi ke sekolah.. selamat kembali ke alam persekolahan.. study baik2.. 

Tu saja coretan pagi ini.. sangat excited lah masuk tahun 2014 ni..macam2 nak plan..haha..sudahlah malam semalam jiran2 letupkan bunga api..wahh teruja sangat sampai tak tidur pagi.. seperti berperang ja.. btw sangat best laa.. hehe.. daaaaadaaa..