Monday, 1 December 2014

Have a nice December~

Assalamualaikum. .huhaii. .im back. .see?  new update bah. .hehe. .well. .say hai to December. .have a nice month. .overall,we are at the end of the year. .so many santa clause are waiting outside with a big and full beg of gift. .merry xmass for those who are celebrating this festivals. .Mr.Snowyy will come within 24days left. .hoho. .but,huhu. .no snow here. .haha. .never mind. .salji buatan kan ado. .tapi sanaaaaa lah d kehel. .jgn maree,last but not least. .hehe. .i have so many probs here . .regarding my studies,exam. .oh no. .why? why always last minute? how can i manage mw time wisely for this final exam? i can't. .i always waste my time for doing bad things that did not give me any benifit such as over sleep,whatsapp,online,calling. .i have no time to open the books and concentrate it. .im over played. .im over think for any thing that i shouldn't think. .ohh noo. .someone please help me,help me to realize that i should change .this is not secondary school any more yet i can still wasting my time. .but this is Universiti. .i don't want to wasting my time anymore. .why? im sad. .im gettin jealous for those who are very struggle for their studies. .they just spent their time just a few hours to rest and spent their whole time to revise and recaps all the topic. .ohh myyy. .im afraid if i cant score for this final exam Sem 1. .hopefully,im change . . no more playing after this. .ok thats all for this morning. .im study before our second class start. .wish mw luck. .so that i will achive my dream..dreams willcome true if we all struggle for what we want. .

ohh my grammar. .sorry. .im just practice to write all in english here. .prove me if im wrong. .sorry. .readers n stalkers. .bye. .

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