Saturday, 22 November 2014


Assalamualaikum? helo? gud evening? . .huhu. .feeling sorry after the last post i wrote last month and until now im quiet without any announcement. .tapi perlu kah ada announcement bagai? haha. .peduli lah. .this is mw blog so who cares. .hihi. .hmm. .it's the ending of the the year. .just a month left and gud bye 2014. .welcome to 2015. and this mean that it's been 3 months i've been here. .time flies so fast. .final exam for sem I is around the corner. .no preparation yet. .busy with our last minute assignment. .so annoying. .that's why i don't like to have a group assignment and i'd rather do it individualities. .but? the rules makes me to accept the truth that i must do it all in a group. .it's no matter if there is a co-operate with others member group. .tapi ni langsung teda kerjasama. .last2 esok present hari ni start buat keja. .i always get mad. .stress and i feel down to face it all. .i don't know why. .every time i have to go to the downstairs to met my member group but the result is still same . .the assignment just like it way. .blank,blur,no tittle,no content. .arghhh. .i want to shout out loudly as i can . .but i know i can't do like it. .it is not the best idea .no matter how hard it is,i will still trying my best. .

i hope,i will score for this first final exam. .i know i can do it. . trust your self Fatin. .i need to achieve my target. .i must achieve it even if it so difficult to me. .

i still remember the words that the Judge saying during the programme about Law. . we must be responsible in every single way we do even your words. .

if you were child,you are forgiven. .but if you are adults,you have a responsibilities by what you do. .this is true. . ♥♥


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