Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Feeling to relaxxx my mind

Peace be Upon. .masih stayup? hihii. .well,im back again. .feeling don't know what to do. .so wanna relaxx my mind a few hours,before continue study . .what kind of subject im study about for this night? night? it's midnight already. .hehe. .fuhhh. .soo tired,tired of writing. .i can't understand if i just read only. .i must writing. .and this hand like seriously $#&%*%. .faham2 lah. .lenguh bah. .adoyaiii. .kaki pun kebas duduk bersila atas kerusi. .my style. .who cares. .hehe. .maigaddd. .i just read one topic already. .i have another 5-6 topic to cover. .it is philosophy of education. .let mw tell you briefly about philosophy. philosophy is about the love of wisdom. .interesting? no,yes,no,yes. .i don't know but well as usually when im studying about history. .then i'll feel the same situation reading this book (philosophy of education). . -_- it depends on yours actually,if you love this subject,you can score it easily. .compared to me,i don't even like to read a book that full of fact. .i can't remember all these fact. .urghhh. .this make me feel so stressed. .i want to shout out loudly. .arghhhhhhhhhhhh. .examm. .examm. .i always with my old school style. .always last minutes. .anyone? can you give me some advice? im too lazy okey. .i love sleep,i love blogwalking,and anything that make me feel enjoyable. .that's me. .yehaaa. .

okey2. enough. .i have to continue study. .gudnyte your all. .lain kali dtg lah jenguk sini lagi. .hehe. .★

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