Monday, 5 January 2015

♥Never to Late To Wish Happy New Year♥

Assalamualaikum fellas. .blogwalking here again? don't you ever feel bored with my entry? btw thank you for visiting here again. .i appreciate it soo much. .wink3** tadaaaa. .look at my tittle above. .am i too late to wish a happy new year? hehe. .it's been 5 pages already . .never too late. .hehe. .

Happy New Year,Happy New Year!! ★★★★★★ hehe. .Alhamdulilah. .finally we can still celebrate new year. . yiehaaa. .and im gettin older (*^﹏^*) turning 21 for this upcoming May. .huuu. . but nvm. .as long as i still look young maybe .bhahahahaha. .*perasan mintapuji* . .hehe. .okey berhenti merepek. .hua2.

hmm. .when i opened my blog,wow there are so many post i saw about their resolution for this year. .and I? should i listing my resolution here? mcm menyampah dan merepek kan? haha. .sokey lah. .just keep in my heart. .aisey. .hehe. .and im looking for my future. .throwback last year. .i think i had post about new year 2014 in my older entry right? about my wishes? ohh just find it okey. .and the most important things that i wish last year is about my result stpm and i want to persue my study at my dream Universiti (UMS). .and now i still can't believe that i finally can be here -UMS- and im taking my course that is education. .just 3 years left and i will become a teacher's. .im really really grateful with everything that i've got today. . feel like i wanna cry. .huhu.

p/s byk betul and,and,and. .hahaha. .

are you really want to know about my wishes this year? emm okey2. i will tell you,just keep reading yahhh. .Here's my wishes for 2015 ★★:

♥i want to be matured and solve all my problems without asking for someone help
♥i want to wake up early every morning,and do all things that give me benifit in my life
♥struggle for my studies,score at least 3.7 ++ every semester
♥be more independent,tough,strong
♥manage my breakfast,lunch and dinner wisely
♥shopping just for the important things only
♥make savings
♥being talkactive,and happy go lucky
♥try harder to communicate with people around
♥i want to find part time job during sem break
♥make new friend


actually all my wishes above is randoms. .hehe. .but ok,i will do it all as long as i can do it. .hoho. .yess,for sure. .i will be more talkactive with people around.even with my friend,im really2 quiet just when they ask me something,then i will start a conversation. .that's why people say im too innocent but then sometimes im naughty. .just because im not talking with others they expect me like that. .people always ask me why you are so kind Fatin? kind? hahaha. .im not too kind,not too evil,not too naughty. .but that is my way. .i am Fatin,and forever will be my self. .im just an ordinary young girl's. .i am too shy to face with many people. .i just can't live without friend. .im afraid to talking with people. .maybe for me,they're such a strangers. .


actually,the most important thing i want to do is i want to change my self. .change my attitude,with my own self. .i want to be more better than last year. .even im 21 y/o already,i still childish. maybe this is because the influence from my siblings,but nvm. .i will try to be more matured after this. .heee. .

and also have a special wishes  for my relationship with my soulmate . .actually it's been 4years already i have a relationship with him. .hehe. .even love in a long distance,but until now we still together. .sometimes im hurt because of him,because he close to many girls. .i hate it. .hate it. .im jealous. .i keep praying for us. .i can't forget everything that makes me hurt. .it was so painful. .huh. .i can't stay strong anymore . .i believe,some day will be my turn to live happily with someone that really love me. .yes. .one day. .i hope he's the person i mean. .hehe. .

owww well that's all for tonite. .i have to open my book now. .wednesday is philosophy of education paper. .wish me luck . .keep in touch. .i'll be back soon. .just keep waiting. . ♥♥

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