Sunday, 22 February 2015

Bored and Bored.. Hostel UMS ..

Haii? soryy guys.. i don't have any free time yesterday.. well,im back to hostel.. i miss my home so badly.. :( .. i just wanna stay at home and never come back here.. as i wish but you know life must go on.. so,i will keep this feeling and start my new semester with a big big and big smile :) i don't want to wasting my time anymore for something that didn't give any benefit for mine.. i want to struggle for my second exam,tryin to improve my result..yess.. i will.. insyaAllah.. i will try my best,and makes my parents smile again for this semester 2 exam result as i did in semester 1.. alhamdulilah, eh i never told you yet about my result right? ohh well.. it was so unexpected result!! im very very very grateful for what i got, . im not a dean's list but for sure i got 3.++ something.. hihi... of course im happy.. this semester i will choose History as my major.. Geography as my minor.. it's not easy for me.. i thought im not good in History,but when result was announced,oh maigad.. i got 4P (A) .. even History is not my field,but i don't why.. hahah.. i will try to love you History.. many things will be discovered for this semester.. so good luck.. i will focus for History.. it's my major.. i have to read a lot of History Book.. im too lazy to read it,but if you give me a Novel especially Love Novel haha.. i just complete to read it within a day..and i know the synopsis of the story,also the full story from begining to ending.. auchhh.. hahaha.. never mind.. as long as i don't neglected the other important thing to do.. not a big problems if you can manage time wisely.. hihi.. 
what a boring day.. I stayed here (Hostel) since yesterday,and i was alone and i was frightened alone if there is unwanted person here watching me alone and "it" will disturbing me again.. hahaha.. huh,,alhamdulilah,theres is nothing disturbing me.. im waiting for my roomate to come.. hehe.. 

look at that picture above.. guess? which one is my board? haha.. of course the one which has a lappy and a glass,iron ..what else? just see it.. well you know,,my place is the most comfotable place to study,under the fan,and my roomate always want to sitted at my chair and sleep at my bed because it was cold.. lucky i am choosed a strategic place at our room.. muehehe,,im sad,because i should leave my bed and board just in 5 month left only.. the other hostel,board and bed welcoming me there to be their owned..keep patient okay.. i will miss this things at this room.. hoho.. i wonder if we're just stay at the same hostel..until we completed our Bachelor.. uwaa..Home.. Home.. i miss you dear.. hahaha..-,-

so bored.. Hungry.. but im lazy to go downstairs....tiring me so much.. so Maggi? horrey.. i just bought  maggi yesterday.. im craving for "manggo" .. auchh.. nyum nyumm.. 

Hmm... okay.. i should stop typing now,i will back soon.. want to find some food to eats.. Hungry.. it's luncheon TIME.. daaa~

Monday, 16 February 2015

Hello Monday

Im back.. heee.. heluu.. sory guyss. i've already deleted my tutorials and freebies.. this is because,there are so many bloggers that made their own tutorial and the code is just same and i tought i should makes other page minus tutorial minus freebies .. so you may search them (other bloggers tutobies) in google, . so i will do some tips and sharing some info about life or health and about anything that can bring a lot of benefit especially to all readers which came here to read my entries.. maybe not today but tommorow.. 

hmm.. it's monday.. the most important day to remember.. why? do you forgotted? it's a day where our prophet (Nabi Muhammad S.AW) was born.. :) we will never forget Monday forever..

for those who have duty today,Happy working day.. start you day with a beautiful and fresh monday.. i knew,today is the most horrible day especially for student which have to go to their secondary school / primary school every monday to friday.. hahaha..or other simple words and most popular words between students that is Checking Day.. based on my own experience being secondary school student.. every morning i have to woke up early,and arrived at our school before a good student since form 1 until form upper six.. why? haha.. i always followed the rules and i always arrived at school early..hahaha.. this is truth.. not a nonsense.. i also a school superintendent since form 4 until form 6.. but i always escape from my duty every rest's disturbing me so much where we have to out from class 10 minutes early just to round the black area places at school to make sure there is no student escape from class before rest hour after rest hour... see? but now yess freedom.. hahaha.. 

ouchh.. my internet connection is slowly.. today 16feb until 22feb we have to register our new courses for next semester.. friday will be my last day enjoy at home,and after that will start a new life again as a student.. i actually not interested to persue my studies but for the same time,i was an idol for my siblings.. i do this all just to makes my parents proud having a daughter like me..after i graduated from UMS,and being a Teacher's i want to do something that will makes my family happy such other family did .. hope one fine day.. Aminn ya Rabb..

huh,i've waited here within 3hours and the smp portal still incomplete..auu.. what is the problems? im stuck choosed my courses.. huh.. better i find some food to eat and come back here after the internet connection in a good range.. no internet connection and it's spoil my mood of waiting.. ok,,thats all.. i'll back again sooner.. hungry..


Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Assalamualaikum.. halu reader(s)..huh.. im back here for my personal blog post.. my tutorial still incomplete..i've spent my time almost 6 hours infront of my laptop today.. i don't even know what to do.. it's cold.. i need a cup of hot coffee right now..

i always with my blank idea when i come here.. last night i posted about my full episod about me,, and tonight i have no idea anymore.. huhu..feeling sad.. just 11 days left before "come back hostel" such a nightmare,it's horrible.. why im so allergic about hostel? i already having my first experience there (Kg.E,UMS).. like the horror story but mine version.. sometimes,my roomate went to their friend house.. and i,just stayed alone at the room.. it's funny.. when i started to looked at the back and automatically i felt like something exist around me.. im miserable stayed alone at hostel.. i hate that situations.. there are three rooms at our house at hostel.. every rooms will have 2 double decker bed..means 4 bed and 4 person in each room.. there are ten occupants in each house.. i choosed downstairs bed.. when it's time to sleep,im gettin' worse.. i'll started to look above if there is something "unwelcomed person" ... it's normal when you feel something disturbing you at the other place such  as hostel,hotel,homestay.. hahaha.. beware.. do not look at back when you alone.. maybe there is something watching you from the back.. hihi.. just kidding.. 

i have so many interesting story about horror story based on my own experience.. im not 6sense person but sometimes i can saw "them" by my eyes.. not too often.. but rarely.. hee..

okey,i have to go now.. im hungry.. want to find some food to eat.. will come back tommorow.. im tired.. so sleepy.. meet you soon.. papaiii~

Full Episod About Me

Assalamualaikum.. selamat malam.. ada yang masih stalking kat sini tak? hoho... maaf ye.. Laptop Fatin ada problem.. huhu.. dan satu masalah timbul,datang satu masalah lagi pasal internet connection ni.. sejak laptop rosak hari tu,laptop Fatin dah tak kuat nak tarik line Wi-fi lagi.. walaupun line wifi tu ok jakk.. haish.. nak marah pun ada.. hehe.. nasib I sabar.. uiseh.. hehe.. gurau sahaja .. jangan marah..baiklah,malam ni Fatin nak ceritakan sedikit tentang diri Fatin.. tapi hal peribadi tu tak payah nak sentuh lah.. sangat private..hehe...jom baca sampai habis.. jangan lupa komen yaa...

Nama diberi Fatin Syaherah.. Lahir pada 6 Mei 1994.. you may now start calculating my age and you will know how young i am.. Gahahha.. dah kira? anda ditipu... tak muda dan tak tua sangat lah kan.. Fatin berada di tengah.. haha.. motif cakap macam ni? sebab tak nak orang anggap Fatin ni muda nanti kena sangka budak sekolah menengah,,cakap tua pun tak nak juga.. Dah tua ke muka Fatin korang nampak? hehe.. tak lah kan.. main-main je.. Korang boleh panggil Fatin dengan panggilan Fatin atau Erra.. kebanyakkan kawan kat sekolah menengah panggil Fatin .. tapi kat UMS kawan panggil Erra.. banyak nama lah sangat kan.. hehe.. Fatin berasal dari Sabah.. area? nak tau juga ke? baiklah.. kata kunci nya "Lari Sekarang" translatekan pergi BI.. hah itu lah hometown Fatin.. everyday boleh tengok G.Kinabalu.. hihi.. cemburu? datang lah Sabah.. best punyerr.. sejak di bangku sekolah lagi,ehh silap.. sejak Fatin umur 6 tahun, Fatin dah berazam nak jadi Guru bila dah besar nanti.. impian tu dah hampir tercapai.. insyaAllah.. doakan ye.. emm,hobi? well,Fatin ni jenis yang suka duduk diam kat rumah.. dan segala hobi Fatin hanya kat rumah je.. Fatin suka memasak,buat kek,mencuba resipi baru dan sebagainya yang mencerminkan Fatin ni sebagai seorang wanita sejati.. Hahaha.. laa sangat.. Tak lah.. kadang-kadang penyakit malas tu datang juga.. kadang-kadang Fatin suka melepak kat bilik lepas dah siap kemas rumah.. hobi Fatin ialah mencantikkan blog.. see? pendirian tak tetap kan.. lah faham lah.. hobi yang sama hanya membosankan.. tak salah nak try hobi baru.. betul tidak? Hidup Fatin lebih banyak dihabiskan di rumah.. kalau kat hostel,hujung2 minggu tu mestilah terperap kat bilik je.. kawan sebilik akan keluar jalan-jalan.. Fatin pula lebih rela berkurung kat bilik.. mengasingkan diri dari orang lain.. macam tak ramah je.. tapi Fatin ni peramah orangnya.. jangan risau.. sekali kenal dah tahu perangai Fatin macam mana.. kuat bercakap,kuat ketawa.. amboii.. macam dunia ni milik Fatin seorang.. fatin tahu kadang-kadang ada yang tak senang.. tapi bila Fatin diam pun orang sekeliling cakap sombong... apa sebenarnya ni yang mereka nak? haha.. never mind.. lupakan semua tu.. yang penting Fatin tak cari pasal dengan orang lain...haha.. asyik ketawa ja kan? pelik.. tak pa.. asal korang tak bosan baca post Fatin...

Sekarang kita masuk pada "Favourite" Fatin...
Fatin sangat suka color PINK..lihat saja blog Fatin yang serba PINK ni.. dah tahu Fatin minat sangat dengan PINK.. tapi tak lah obses sangat ya.. sedang-sedang saja.. Kalau semua barang-barang Fatin pink tu hmm sakit juga mata kan.. nampak kebudak-budakkan.. Benda kecil tu memang Fatin suka tengok kalau ia color PINK.. contohnya Pensel,Kotak Pensel,Buku nota... hee... tu je..

Kalau dari aspek pemakaian Fatin suka match dengan color Brown.. Fatin's like BROWN..
Kalau dari segi pakaian,memang Fatin akan cari warna pastel dan lembut.. yang tak terang sangat dan tak gelap sangat.. coklat lembut,oren lembut,peach lembut,merah,merun. Fatin suka sangat dengan warna-warna tu.. ikut jenis warna kulit,,,hoho.. Fatin tak secerah mana pun.. bila guna warna ni,akan cerah lah kulit Fatin.. kita kena tahu menyesuaikan warna pakaian dan warna kulit.. itu yang penting.. hehe..

Beg pula,Fatin suka kombinasi warna coklat + merun.. Beli beg baru mesti color ni je.. nampak sangat macam tak ada perubahan kat situ.. padahal beg baru orang sangka Fatin guna beg yang sama.. hehe..tapi betul lah.. selagi beg tu masih ok,Fatin akan terus pakai ke mana-mana Fatin nak pergi.. even usia beg tu dari Fatin sekolah menengah lagi... kalau masih elok,tak usah bazirkan duit beli yang baru.. itu prinsip Fatin.. hehe...

Emm,paling Fatin minat ialah mengumpul koleksi Sandal.. dalam banyak-banyak color sandal yang ada semua sandal Fatin color Coklat muda .. Kadang-kadang kakak Fatin tegur.. tak ada warna lain lagi selain coklat? haha.. lantaklah.. orang dah suka coklat nak buat macam mana lagi.. hehe.. 
Setakat ni,Fatin berjaya mengumpul koleksi sandal yang pelbagai tapi hanya satu warna iaitu COKLAT.. lain daripada COKLAT Fatin tak minat... why oh why? mungkin orang dah bosan lihat Fatin mengenakan warna COKLAT.. even jam tangan pun warna COKLAT.. serba COKLAT.. hahaha.. itu dari aspek pakaian..

Kalau pink tu dari segi kebendaan seperti Pen,Aksesori Bilik.. of course.. kita boleh lihat sini yang Fatin suka sangat dengan warna-warna ni..


Jangan hairan yaa.. haha.. apalagi yang korang nak tahu? ok lah..last..

Fatin dah kata kat atas tadi tu yang impian Fatin nak jadi guru hampir tercapai kan? tunggu 3 tahun lagi.. insyaAllah dapat kerja cepat-cepat.. sekarang Fatin tengah sambung belajar kat Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS).. start tahun 2014-2018.. 4 tahun lamanya.. huhu.. sabar sahaja lah.. tak lama lagi tu.. pejam celik pejam celik je.. sekarang masa berlalu begitu cepat.. Fatin berharap sangat dapat kerja.. tak nak menganggur.. kat UMS Fatin ambil course Pendidikan Dengan Sains Sosial..tak tahu lah major apa ni.. sebab Fatin sebenarnya tak suka sejarah.. dari form 1- form 6 study sejarah.. banyak fakta perlu dihafal.. bahan bacaan kena banyak.. kena kumpul banyak rujukan.. hua.. rasa macam nak nangis.. Sem II ni penentuan major dan minor.. kakak senior kata Geografi tu senang dari Sejarah.. tapi difikir-fikir buat apa nak ikut cakap orang kan..mungkin bagi Kakak senior tu,dia lebih arif tentang ilmu geografi.. mungkin Fatin lebih kepada sejarah.. sebab Fatin tak pernah score subjek Geografi... huhu.. so kena fikir lah dulu.. risau dengan keputusan peperiksaan Sem I.. esok dah boleh cek dah result... doakan Fatin ya.. Fatin dah usaha.. jika tak score.,salah fatin sendiri.. mungkin usaha tak cukup.. harapan ja lebih .. sedih nya.. hee.. never mind.. kalau result dah keluar,baru Fatin tahu Fatin nak major apa dan minor apa.. semoga Allah permudahkan segalanya.. Aminn..

HUH,panjang gila entry kali ni.. haha.. dah namanya Full Episod About Me.. hihi.. terima kasih kerana mengunjungi blog Fatin malam ni ye.. jemput datang lagi.. dah lewat dah.. nak tidur.. 
Gudnyte all.,.


Sunday, 8 February 2015

Worried about the exam result

Assalamualaikum reader(s).. how are you? it's been a while since my last entry.. busy made my own tutorial and found some freebies for your's.. hee.. and im sorry for yesterday i can't posted anything here because theres a problem with my laptop.. huhu.. i felt that i wanted to cry..uwaa..finally my dad helped me to repair my lappy.. and it's worked.. im happy now.. i have no money to buy new laptop.. how pity i am.. sadly,i've missed my new software.. but never mind.. i start to download it all again.. well you know,my internet connection is weak!! i hate waiting for so long.. i can't wait.. urghhh.. tonight maybe i will create new tutorial for,keep in touch...

so here i want to express my feeling regarding my Exam Result .. owhh.. another 3 days to go.. then i will know my result.. nerveous!!!! my cousin already got their result.. she's UPSI student.. and I UMS student..My cousin got 3++ something.. and i don't know mine yet.. woahh.. it's impossible for me to get a high result.. if yes i get 3.5++ Alhamdulilah.. i will fight for the next war.. nerveous!! i know im not a smart student compared to others..but yes,i will struggle for my life..i promise,i will get a high result every semester...i will..InsyaAllah..

Don't forget to follow me!~

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Be Your Self..

Assalamualaikum.. hyep? is anything different here? can you see it? haha.. only the faith stalker will know something that has changed on my blog.. hikhikhik.. am i blog look beautiful now? hehe.. it's look childish.. because my theme is pinky.. i love pink!! hahaha.. well,i finally separated the sidebar widget and the main wrapper.. i loike it so much.. nampak kemas.. terbaik.. hehe.. puji blog sendiri.. LOL.. end of topic..

After this, i wish to make some tutorial about blog and especially for the newbie.. i don't know when i will create my own tutorial because im not too much expert about coding.. hee.. im sorry.. look at my blog.. nothing interesting .. how will the blogger visit my blog? *sigh 

Freebies? ohwww.. i can't drawing.. even manual or with software such as lazy to read the instruction that's why until now i still can't use the software (Photoshop) wisely.. if i made doodles,arghhh.. spoil.. and will make me mad.. huhu.. 

Huu..i actually don't have any idea to posting here.. let me refresh my mind then i will go back here with interesting story.. waiting for me..

i have some advise.. ~be Your self~ 

k daaaa~

Good Night Wishes

Assalamualaikum..who's still awake here? put your hands up.. hurry.. i want to see how many reader(s) stalking at my blog tonight.. huhu.. i thought there is no visitor here .. never mind.. you'll read my post after it expired already...haha.. hey,it's 1:44 am just now and im still infront of my lappy doing something crazy.. what kind of  thing i am doing right now? wanna know about it? of course.. i was searching for the blog tutorial.. im getting bored with my background,so maybe i have to change the skin so you'll never fell bored when stalking here.. i like pink color theme.. with blue combination.. woww.. so colorful right? but who cares.. my favourite..hikhik.. even it's look like 'childish' maybe.. but in reality im matured.. don't judge me by my background color of my blog.. alright? it's just color.. i really love soft color.. :) 
opss.. im sleepy already.. see you tomolo guys.. im tired of being a babysit for a whole day.. no chance to rest.. hehe..see my new background.. it's pinky.. aww.. loike it..

Gud nyte fellas.. 

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Helo February...


im home.. haha.. nonsense... just kidding.. well im bored.. nothing to do.. so mendownload movie lah ni.. sementara menunggu siap mendownload,cik Fatin nak merapu kat sini dulu.. boleh ke? hehe.. boleh bah kan? hikhikhik.. 

Nak ceta pasal apa ni? maklumlah kan dah masuk hari pertama untuk bulan februari ni? masa berlalu begitu cepat.. macam baru semalam sambut new year.. hahaii.. cuti pun tinggal dua minggu lagi.. nak cuti lagi.. huhuhu.. malas nak kuliah lagi.. hehe.. banyak sangat beban jadi pelajar. sudahlah tinggal jauh dari family.. satu cabaran paling besar.. tapi tidak apa lah kan? namanya juga pergi menuntut ilmu.. lagipun cik Fatin sangat minat belajar.. minat lah sangat?? study last minit waktu exam.. that's me.. naturally ok.. hahaha.. bila lah mau berubah ni.. aduiii.. perangai kalah2 budak sekolah menengah.. 3 bulan lagi genap umur cik Fatin yg ke 21,, 21? relax.. hanya nombor seja.. haha.. 

Tamat pengajian lama lagi.. tak sabar nak kerja.. untung kawan2 yang dapat SPA tahun depan kerja tetap sudah.. kami ni yang masih study,bila mau kerja? alamak.. kerja ja di fikiran sekarang.. sabar.. tidak lama lagi tu keluar lah .. harap2 dapat kerja terus.. tak lah menganggur lama2.. haish.. kena maintain result lah ni supaya dapat kerja tanpa interview.. salah satu bidang yang Fatin ambil ni peluangnya sangat besar.. nak jadi Guru konon.. wish me luck.. hehe.. hampir tercapai cita-cita sejak bangku sekolah lagi.. rezeki Allah.. alhamdulilah.. tapi jangan riak sangat.. nanti last2 tak dapat kerja.. nauzubillah.. 

Hemmm.. movie apa lagi ya yang best nak download ni? Fatin ni bukan jenis yang suka tengok movie.. berlambak movie di laptop,tunggu sampai laptop kena format baru nak cari lagi movie2 dulu.. haish.. lucu kan? bila kita tidak perlu,sana lah berlambak.. bila kita perlu,semua hilang depan mata.. hikhik..sabo je lah ...

jadi tak merapu fatin kat sini? jadi kan? haha tu dah namanya merapu.. ok lah.. tangan terlebih rajin menaip.. baca je lah.. sampai kat sini je.. boring pula nak baca.. hihi.. so kbye.. jumpa lagi di entry baru yang akan menyusul kemudian..

p/s : Happy bufday to my Roomate.. Sharifah.. may Allah bless you.. semoga berjaya dalam hidup,dunia dan akhirat..