Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Be Your Self..

Assalamualaikum.. hyep? is anything different here? can you see it? haha.. only the faith stalker will know something that has changed on my blog.. hikhikhik.. am i blog look beautiful now? hehe.. it's look childish.. because my theme is pinky.. i love pink!! hahaha.. well,i finally separated the sidebar widget and the main wrapper.. i loike it so much.. nampak kemas.. terbaik.. hehe.. puji blog sendiri.. LOL.. end of topic..

After this, i wish to make some tutorial about blog and especially for the newbie.. i don't know when i will create my own tutorial because im not too much expert about coding.. hee.. im sorry.. look at my blog.. nothing interesting .. how will the blogger visit my blog? *sigh 

Freebies? ohwww.. i can't drawing.. even manual or with software such as Photoshop..im lazy to read the instruction that's why until now i still can't use the software (Photoshop) wisely.. if i made doodles,arghhh.. spoil.. and will make me mad.. huhu.. 

Huu..i actually don't have any idea to posting here.. let me refresh my mind then i will go back here with interesting story.. waiting for me..

i have some advise.. ~be Your self~ 

k daaaa~

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