Sunday, 22 February 2015

Bored and Bored.. Hostel UMS ..

Haii? soryy guys.. i don't have any free time yesterday.. well,im back to hostel.. i miss my home so badly.. :( .. i just wanna stay at home and never come back here.. as i wish but you know life must go on.. so,i will keep this feeling and start my new semester with a big big and big smile :) i don't want to wasting my time anymore for something that didn't give any benefit for mine.. i want to struggle for my second exam,tryin to improve my result..yess.. i will.. insyaAllah.. i will try my best,and makes my parents smile again for this semester 2 exam result as i did in semester 1.. alhamdulilah, eh i never told you yet about my result right? ohh well.. it was so unexpected result!! im very very very grateful for what i got, . im not a dean's list but for sure i got 3.++ something.. hihi... of course im happy.. this semester i will choose History as my major.. Geography as my minor.. it's not easy for me.. i thought im not good in History,but when result was announced,oh maigad.. i got 4P (A) .. even History is not my field,but i don't why.. hahah.. i will try to love you History.. many things will be discovered for this semester.. so good luck.. i will focus for History.. it's my major.. i have to read a lot of History Book.. im too lazy to read it,but if you give me a Novel especially Love Novel haha.. i just complete to read it within a day..and i know the synopsis of the story,also the full story from begining to ending.. auchhh.. hahaha.. never mind.. as long as i don't neglected the other important thing to do.. not a big problems if you can manage time wisely.. hihi.. 
what a boring day.. I stayed here (Hostel) since yesterday,and i was alone and i was frightened alone if there is unwanted person here watching me alone and "it" will disturbing me again.. hahaha.. huh,,alhamdulilah,theres is nothing disturbing me.. im waiting for my roomate to come.. hehe.. 

look at that picture above.. guess? which one is my board? haha.. of course the one which has a lappy and a glass,iron ..what else? just see it.. well you know,,my place is the most comfotable place to study,under the fan,and my roomate always want to sitted at my chair and sleep at my bed because it was cold.. lucky i am choosed a strategic place at our room.. muehehe,,im sad,because i should leave my bed and board just in 5 month left only.. the other hostel,board and bed welcoming me there to be their owned..keep patient okay.. i will miss this things at this room.. hoho.. i wonder if we're just stay at the same hostel..until we completed our Bachelor.. uwaa..Home.. Home.. i miss you dear.. hahaha..-,-

so bored.. Hungry.. but im lazy to go downstairs....tiring me so much.. so Maggi? horrey.. i just bought  maggi yesterday.. im craving for "manggo" .. auchh.. nyum nyumm.. 

Hmm... okay.. i should stop typing now,i will back soon.. want to find some food to eats.. Hungry.. it's luncheon TIME.. daaa~

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