Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Assalamualaikum.. halu reader(s)..huh.. im back here for my personal blog post.. my tutorial still incomplete..i've spent my time almost 6 hours infront of my laptop today.. i don't even know what to do.. it's cold.. i need a cup of hot coffee right now..

i always with my blank idea when i come here.. last night i posted about my full episod about me,, and tonight i have no idea anymore.. huhu..feeling sad.. just 11 days left before "come back hostel"..it such a nightmare,it's horrible.. why im so allergic about hostel? i already having my first experience there (Kg.E,UMS).. like the horror story but mine version.. sometimes,my roomate went to their friend house.. and i,just stayed alone at the room.. it's funny.. when i started to looked at the back and automatically i felt like something exist around me.. im miserable stayed alone at hostel.. i hate that situations.. there are three rooms at our house at hostel.. every rooms will have 2 double decker bed..means 4 bed and 4 person in each room.. there are ten occupants in each house.. i choosed downstairs bed.. when it's time to sleep,im gettin' worse.. i'll started to look above if there is something "unwelcomed person" ... it's normal when you feel something disturbing you at the other place such  as hostel,hotel,homestay.. hahaha.. beware.. do not look at back when you alone.. maybe there is something watching you from the back.. hihi.. just kidding.. 

i have so many interesting story about horror story based on my own experience.. im not 6sense person but sometimes i can saw "them" by my eyes.. not too often.. but rarely.. hee..

okey,i have to go now.. im hungry.. want to find some food to eat.. will come back tommorow.. im tired.. so sleepy.. meet you soon.. papaiii~

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