Monday, 16 February 2015

Hello Monday

Im back.. heee.. heluu.. sory guyss. i've already deleted my tutorials and freebies.. this is because,there are so many bloggers that made their own tutorial and the code is just same and i tought i should makes other page minus tutorial minus freebies .. so you may search them (other bloggers tutobies) in google, . so i will do some tips and sharing some info about life or health and about anything that can bring a lot of benefit especially to all readers which came here to read my entries.. maybe not today but tommorow.. 

hmm.. it's monday.. the most important day to remember.. why? do you forgotted? it's a day where our prophet (Nabi Muhammad S.AW) was born.. :) we will never forget Monday forever..

for those who have duty today,Happy working day.. start you day with a beautiful and fresh monday.. i knew,today is the most horrible day especially for student which have to go to their secondary school / primary school every monday to friday.. hahaha..or other simple words and most popular words between students that is Checking Day.. based on my own experience being secondary school student.. every morning i have to woke up early,and arrived at our school before a good student since form 1 until form upper six.. why? haha.. i always followed the rules and i always arrived at school early..hahaha.. this is truth.. not a nonsense.. i also a school superintendent since form 4 until form 6.. but i always escape from my duty every rest's disturbing me so much where we have to out from class 10 minutes early just to round the black area places at school to make sure there is no student escape from class before rest hour after rest hour... see? but now yess freedom.. hahaha.. 

ouchh.. my internet connection is slowly.. today 16feb until 22feb we have to register our new courses for next semester.. friday will be my last day enjoy at home,and after that will start a new life again as a student.. i actually not interested to persue my studies but for the same time,i was an idol for my siblings.. i do this all just to makes my parents proud having a daughter like me..after i graduated from UMS,and being a Teacher's i want to do something that will makes my family happy such other family did .. hope one fine day.. Aminn ya Rabb..

huh,i've waited here within 3hours and the smp portal still incomplete..auu.. what is the problems? im stuck choosed my courses.. huh.. better i find some food to eat and come back here after the internet connection in a good range.. no internet connection and it's spoil my mood of waiting.. ok,,thats all.. i'll back again sooner.. hungry..


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