Sunday, 8 February 2015

Worried about the exam result

Assalamualaikum reader(s).. how are you? it's been a while since my last entry.. busy made my own tutorial and found some freebies for your's.. hee.. and im sorry for yesterday i can't posted anything here because theres a problem with my laptop.. huhu.. i felt that i wanted to cry..uwaa..finally my dad helped me to repair my lappy.. and it's worked.. im happy now.. i have no money to buy new laptop.. how pity i am.. sadly,i've missed my new software.. but never mind.. i start to download it all again.. well you know,my internet connection is weak!! i hate waiting for so long.. i can't wait.. urghhh.. tonight maybe i will create new tutorial for,keep in touch...

so here i want to express my feeling regarding my Exam Result .. owhh.. another 3 days to go.. then i will know my result.. nerveous!!!! my cousin already got their result.. she's UPSI student.. and I UMS student..My cousin got 3++ something.. and i don't know mine yet.. woahh.. it's impossible for me to get a high result.. if yes i get 3.5++ Alhamdulilah.. i will fight for the next war.. nerveous!! i know im not a smart student compared to others..but yes,i will struggle for my life..i promise,i will get a high result every semester...i will..InsyaAllah..

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