Friday, 6 March 2015

Depressed :((

Morning fellas... haiii.. it's been long,i didn't post anything here..sorry .. well,how's your day been? for the past few days.. im getting busy for my life since our class is started.. there are so many assignment we have to do and complete it all before weeks 6 (six).. it's so complicated right now.. i don't even know where should i start.. arghh.. so stressed..this kind of things really ruin my i just worried about it.. worried about marks,and whatsoever which is regarding my achievement for this semeser II..owhh i just need enough rest.. when there are so many in my mind,i can't even sleep so that's why i always sleepy in class,.. i just sleep over 4 hours everyday.. i think that im having Insomnia right now.. so sleepy but i can't sleep.. so many thing i have to think about.. if life could be that easy,i won't be here.. my life,my whole life.. just in home.. how much i miss HOME right now.. there's no better places like HOME.. :(( i miss my family so badly.. it's hurt when you pretend that you're happy but inside of your heart,it was so pain,so sick..cryin inside.. nobody knows it.. just you.. ourself.. :( i have to move on but i can't even i tried but i can't.. pity of me.. hmm.. i should forget about this.. if not,this can maybe spoil my life here.. im here,i have a purpose why im choosed to be here right now (UMS).. think again Fatin.. don't be like a kids.. im 21 years old now,i should be much mature in life,in thinking.. yes i will.. i try.. even it hurts and killing me inside but i will show it that im okay right now.. i just can't handle my emotion.. that is why i easily give up on my life,..

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