Saturday, 14 November 2015


Huh, so cold.. even when im wearing my jacket.. sometimes it will be so cold and sometimes it will be warm.. yes.. i meant it a in such cold place will make you fall asleep *frequently* tomorrow i will back to the hostel so it seem like i can't even have any free time to  open my blog again until i come back home during sembreak.. i hate the connection WIFI-students.. it doesn't work at our house.. i don't know why.. when i start to subscribe internet, the line was not really good.. stresss!! haha.. so the conclusion is just let you life at the room without any internet connection until you getting bored.. pity of me..hmm.. so hard to do some given works okay.. i pushed my self to go to the library or cafe E to do the assignment and it ruined my mood.. urghh..
never mind, forget about it. i don't want to talk about it anymore..even when i start talking about internet connection in our hostel especially block A1 ground floor well i think there's nothing we can do to solve the problems. so just keep quiet and chin up ^^

it's been 2 years already i've been separated with my old friend.. you know what? i miss them so badly..

i hope that one day, we will meet again.. hope so.. there is a difference between your old and new friends.. i can't deny that, since im in a Universiti, there is so much friends i have.. even my roommate and also my housemate being my close friend since im in a first year until now.. i really glad to met them all but i felt empty sometimes because i can't interact with them as when im with my old friends.. i also have a few close friends there, they're really kind to me, we always sharing each other.. but sometimes we have conflict all about assignment group but so far that is the only problem of us.. yeah.. it is true.. fact!! hehe.. but i love them also...such my old friend.. but i miss my old friend more.. uwaaaa... Anna, Eyla, Matul, Dadi and Meng2..

it's heaven when you got the same universiti with your Bff right.. but, hmm.. i don't have any.. then i got a new friend sometime im too sensitive because my friends didn't care about me.. sometime i felt like im being isolated.. everytime i told Diba "You don't even want to be my friend anymore".. so they ask me why you're so sensitive? oh i don't know why.. because they got a\the same hostel at KG.CD same room.. and i? stay alone, no one will accompany me to go to Cafe E to buy food and you know what? I feel LONELY.. sometimes i feel that they already forget about me. how i missed my first year.. that moment when i always go to Diba's room with As and Dila .. we always make a noise, we ate our lunch, dinner together even sometime we cooked together.. i always spent my time at Diba's room. oh i miss that moment where i can slept in other's room every night even when i also have my own room. hahaha.. nvm -,-

But, i really thankful that i also got a new roomate same course with me.. then we always walked together to the faculty .. haha. they're crazy you know.. i always laugh, laugh and laugh with my roomate because so many stories we can share together, and it so funny.. especially one of my roomate..we called her Pau.. she like to sing..everytime when she sang, i also followed her.. the other one is Lily. She really like to dance.. sometimes we dance together at the room.. then also Shien.. she so adorable.. she is a good advisor ever.. she like to give us advise especially when we take our dinner at 9PM so she will ask us "kamu baru mau dinner"? lol.. ahahahaha,... she's so caring.. touching :')

hmmm.. i will miss them soon when im graduated from UMS.. i think after i finish my Degree's, i want to pursue my study to Master's level and after that i want to take PhD.. ohh that dream.. hahaha.. inshaAllah.. everyone have their own dream.. i also have a dream.. one day i will be a Teacher, but soon maybe i can be a Lecturer.. who knows right? 

Ok then, i need to stop typing now and go to bed,.. really tired.. tomorrow will have 1 1/2 hours journey from Ranau-K.Kinabalu.. have a safe journey k for those who also come back to the hostel.. welcome back to campuss.. fighting.. week 10 already .. another 4 week lecture minus study week nah final exam.. arghhh.. i have to struggle from now on.. i must improve my result,..time fly really fast.. such when you flipped your book faster.. auchh.. 

So, don't forget to keep in touch yaa.. wish me luck for final exam at the end of December.. nerveous!! 

p/s : Help me to click my Nuffnang.. tq.. hehe.. don't forget to follow me.. will follow back soon!! thanks... 
Assalamualaikum.. good night..